Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday, Oct 15. Los Angeles

Chamber music in a strip mall coffee bar. New York Times Sunday Edition $5. I like it here. North LA criss-crossing a flat basin resembles a sci-fi version of my hometown in the Netherlands.

Incongruous California experience: Yesterday’s visit at an Iranian TV network ended in chatter in German over the death of Benno Ohnesorg at the demonstration against the Shah in Berlin in ’67 and Gudrun Enslinn. The network manager did film school at Hochschule der Bildende Kuenste am Steinplatz in Berlin in the sixties. I recognized the immaculate face of Gudrun on a poster for his graduation film – Das Abonnement. Channel Four paid $8000 dollars for the footage to use in a documentary on Baader -Meinhof. It was her only film performance ever (besides the real-time performance with Baader). Ali spotted her face in a crowd at a demonstration and later asked her to play the lead role in this film that took on Axel Springer. The poster credited her as ‘Rosa Enslin’. Both lead actors later died by hanging. Ominous

It is not my destiny to die by hanging. No, I will die in a ridiculous cream coloured car with Claus in the driver’s seat. Only a miracle will save me.

Claus and I visited Scandinavian Lars who lives in Santa Monica near the beach. He’s set himself up nicely with Pynchon, Bellow, Roth in piles surrounding his comfortable chair, bed. Oh, would I give up my own self to be able to do that. Happiness!

A Dutchman and a Dane walking next to each other is such a spectacle here that people should be charged for the pleasure of staring at us unhindered. On UCLA campus Claus began asking by-passers if ‘they’d like to talk about God’ – a question that almost caused people to break into running to get clear of the European pilgrims. I walked briskly ahead to avoid the embarrassment. The rigid conformity of American middle class culture makes it very unpleasant to break the flow of reality. Self-consciousness has no place here. Postmodernism was just a naming act to control and deflect European irony and secularism so it would have no particular impact on society.

But I am not going to address the cultural divide and the clash of civilisations. The shock waves from the first impressions have receded and I’m now getting through on Flaubert, cigarettes, Fox News and coffee.

Bill O’Reilly believes that the weakness of Europe is caused by her secularism.

No sign of Larry David yet. And my enthusiasm is curbed (as always).

-- T. Bouvard


Blogger snoph said...

Dearest Bro, I hope sunny and weird LA is getting you all prepared and excited about Iran. Glad your "buddy" Claus is there to enjoy the scenery. You tourists!!

Anyway, just a short note from here, I have decided to move back to wretched DK (who would have guessed, well, everyone sort of did, which is really depressing), however ONLY for a period, as David and I are planning our relocation to the city of cities, New York in January 2008. Hope to see you there then. Lucie is coming too this time (for good!). I am sending you spiritual prayers and thoughts your way, may the angels watch over you, even though you don't believe they exist or believe in any of that crap.

Your sis - Sophie MKJSR

6:48 AM  

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